'We focused on minimising the disruption caused for our client'

What was the case?

Our client, who was the executor of her mother's will, had renounced probate because a family member was resident in her late mother’s property and was refusing to vacate in order to allow a sale to be completed. Our client was undergoing treatment for cancer and struggling with the stress of the matter which had already been protracted for some 12 months before FBC Manby Bowdler became involved.

How did we help?

Andrew Verlander served appropriate notice to the family member giving them plenty of time to be re-housed, but when the defendant failed to acknowledge these notices, court proceedings were issued for possession of the property.

The defendant attended the hearing where we explained the situation and it became apparent that there were added difficulties in that there were several cats and a dog also living at the property. We successfully obtained a Possession Order for the client and additional time was given to the defendant and her pets to be re-housed.

Despite the defendant vacating the property by the agreed date, a lot of personal belongings had been left behind so arrangements were made for these items to be collected.  These were all removed within the 14 day period given after possession was obtained.

Andrew and his Team then secured the property and it has now been sold, enabling the administrators to clear all outstanding debts on the estate and distribute funds to our client and the defendant, thereby winding up her mother’s estate.

How did we ensure the experience was a stellar one for the client?

We kept our client informed on what we were undertaking on her behalf but kept contact to a minimum as she was going through an extensive course of chemotherapy during the time of the possession proceedings. With the issues surrounding her illness and the death of her mother the client wished for the property to be sold as quickly as possible despite the family issues that had arisen.

We were able to achieve this whilst focusing on minimising any stress and disruption for our client, given the circumstances in which she found herself.

Please contact Andrew Verlander in our Litigation Department should you have any queries on the above.

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