'Client was very happy'

What was the case?

Annita Howard, Solicitor at FBC Manby Bowdler, was asked to assist in the sale of a residential property for an existing client. The sale included land attached to the property, some of which had been purchased from a local farmer.

However, despite being agreed, signed and registered the boundaries recorded were an incorrect reflection of those on the ground. Although the farmer had intended for this land to be transferred, the plan was incorrect at the initial time of sale.

With our client already engaged in a related purchase the pressure was on for the transaction to complete as soon as possible.

How did we help?

Discussions took place with the land registry and it was agreed that the only course of action would be to transfer the land in question to our client as this should have been the position when they originally bought the land.

Contact was made with the owner of the land in question who luckily was the original owner and it was agreed that the land would be transferred to our client to show the true position of the boundaries. The transfers for the land were prepared, approved and then signed by all parties and Annita then submitted an application to the land registry.

After further discussions with the land registry the title was rectified to show the true position of the boundaries.

How did we ensure experience was a stellar one for the client?

The client was kept fully informed throughout the matter and the issue was dealt with as a matter of urgency so not to delay the sale and purchase of property. The issue with the rectification of the boundaries was expedited so that the sale could proceed.

What was the outcome for the client?

The property sale and purchase went through as planned and the client was very happy.

Please contact Annita Howard in our Residential Property Department should you have any queries on the above.

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