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Powers of Attorney for Business

Many business owners will not consider a Power of Attorney integral to the protection of their business and see it as an investment tool that is used for personal protection. However a Power of Attorney for business is crucial to ensure that your business is protected in the event of a sudden accident or illness which may leave you suddenly unable to deal with your business affairs.

This is relevant whether you are a sole trader, have a business partner or are a company director. Even if you have a team of people working for you, they may not have the authority to do things like pay employees or suppliers and that could put your business under serious financial strain.

When considering a Power of Attorney for business you can choose a ‘business minded attorney’, who can focus specifically on your professional matters rather than your personal affairs. This should be someone who has a sufficient understanding of your business, however you must ensure that the appointment doesn’t conflict with the running of the business or cause voting issues. Our expert legal Team can work with you identify the best attorney for your business needs and review the appointment alongside any Articles of Association.

To find out more about our Power of Attorney services for personal matters, please follow this link.

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