Introducing Dixie


Why did you decide on an apprenticeship?

As a generation we are lead to believe that University is the next logical step we should take after A-Levels. I decided that I didn’t wish to pursue a career in any of my chosen subject areas and to me this meant that University wasn’t an option.

However, the transition from education to working life can be seen daunting. 

Ultimately, I decided an apprenticeship would suit me as I wanted to find a career to pursue and progress in. I wanted to get stuck into working life within an area that I would enjoy whilst learning new skills along the way. 

How did you go about finding a relevant apprenticeship scheme?

Finding an apprenticeship started with me looking through apprenticeship websites. I then came across a company called IN-COMM who helped with the process of finding an apprenticeship that suited me. 

I had a short interview with them in which they established my preferred career pathway and from this they suggested a number of apprenticeships that I could  apply for. Among these was the Marketing Assistant apprenticeship at FBC Manby Bowdler. 

Why did you choose FBCMB?

I did some research about the company and was impressed by the ‘one team’ ethos the Firm has. It made me feel that I would be welcomed and happy in the knowledge that I would be supported. The Firm is a growing company with outrageous future ambitions, and I decided I wanted to be part of that! 

How did you prepare for the interview/assessment centre?

The preparation process was made easier with the help of IN-COMM. But I did ensure that I had a written CV, that all of my qualification certificates were in order and that I had studied plenty of practice questions. I made sure that I knew plenty about the company and what the company looks for from a potential employee. It is always useful to pull out your key strengths, especially those that will be relevant to the job you are applying for, and have an example when you have used these strengths. 

What did you do to prepare for your first week at work?

Firstly, I made sure that I knew where the office was and practiced my route to work. It's important to know alternative methods of transport just in case a problem arises! 
Before my first day I also looked through my contract and thought of any questions I might need to ask, and wrote down anything I was unsure of. Most importantly, I knew that I could call or e-mail the Firm with any queries I had that would put me at ease before my first day. 

How did you find your induction week?

The induction week was a very constructive, varying from learning how to use the computers to meeting the team. The idea of the induction week was to bring people together in order for us to understand the different departments within the company, but also to understand our part in making the company run smoothly. 

We met many staff members and had a warm welcome from all of the departments. I also had a chance to meet the other apprentices and trainees who, like me, were brand new to the Firm. The induction week really made me feel like a part of the FBC Manby Bowdler team. 

What are your goals for your apprenticeship whilst at FBCMB?

During my apprenticeship I would like learn more about the Firm as a whole, and the marketing department that I have joined. I’d like to establish my strengths and weaknesses and improve them with the guidance of my team. Ultimately, I want to help the company reach their ambitions and hopefully keep a long-term position at the Firm.                           

What do you love about the Firm/your role so far?

The induction week showed me that the Firm works as a whole and that each department is a link in the chain holding the company together. Each link is important in maintaining the chain so that the company is strong. 

This has made me realise the importance of my role here amd that I’m not alone if I ever in need of help. I know that I have a successful and busy year ahead of me in which I cant wait to get stuck in!

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