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In September 2016 FBC Manby Bowdler welcomed our first intake of young apprentices to the Firm. Here you can find all of the latest updates from Alyisha, Dixie, Jade and Lillie as they report on their working apprenticeships within a modern law firm.

12 months in marketing

So I have been here a year now and its gone pretty quick! My role in marketing ha been great as everyday has been different. So i thought i would let you all know what its like being an apprentice 12 months on at FBC Manby Bowdler.

What the year overall has been like for you?

From attending weekly Marketing events, travelling around the country for exhibitions,  meetings,  awards shows and dinners, daily admin tasks, helping the wider firm promote our services, taking part in our CSR Scheme and becoming a part of the ‘’one team’’; Needless to say Its been a jam packed year. However, I have settled into my role here and taken ownership of tasks and events, all of which I struggled with when I first joined FBC as a student straight out of A levels. 
With the completion of my NVQ, I am ready to start a whole new chapter here at FBCMB.

What your first 6months were like?

The first 6 months were a real eye opener as to what the world of work looks like. I've only had experience in retail and catering, so it took a while to get used to a new surrounding. I spent the first 6 months almost shadowing my colleague and getting used to all of the processes that I now have ownership of. Straight away, I attended many events, met clients, potential clients and other staff members. It's all helped build my confidence, adapt to a new working environment and introduce myself to the rest of the firm. Alongside work, I had my Business Administration NVQ to complete. I found that the work really helped me understand and complete my NVQ. 

What has the firm done to support you?

Ive been presented with loads of opportunities and the has supported me all the way. I think it’s extremely important that all staff have their own personal goals and Aims, but also the support behind them to get them to where they need to be. 

I attended many events and training opportunities given to me such as networking training, phone training, Business Development training and many others. I feel these have helped  improve my knowledge and my confidence. I've also had many 1-2-1's to support my development and opportunities available to me. These meetings also allowed me to ask questions about my NVQ and future development within the firm and within myself.

The support and guidance I received has been great, hence why I was awarded ‘Learner of the Year’ at the annual INCOMM awards. 

What you have done to achieve the best you can?

This year I believed that it was important to just give it a go. I reminded myself that I am new to this role and all I could do was put my 100% into everything. I made sure that when starting a new task, I tried first and then asked for assistance when needed.  

I found balancing your work and home life is also important as you need to make sure you can relax and enjoy your time away from work in order to have a fresh clear mind when in the office. 

Finally, I understood that hard work pays off. I got my work done and arranged my diary and time management effectively so that I could successfully sign off work to a high standard.

And finally, what do you feel next 1year holds for you?

I have loved my first 12 months here at FBC Manby Bowdler LLP. So much so, I'm staying for another 12 months in Marketing. I have met some amazing individuals and I have had the pleasure of working with a team that not only have guided me through, but have also helped me flourish as an individual. I’m going to continue to build my skills set; not only in  Marketing , but also as a part of the FBCMB ‘One team’’. 

I know that I have another successful and busy year ahead of me,  which I can’t wait to get stuck in to!

What your aspirations are?

FBC Manby Bowdler Solicitors have helped me develop as a person. They have taught me valuable life skills as well as a whole new job role. I am now clearer as to what my future may look like.


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