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In September 2016 FBC Manby Bowdler welcomed our first intake of young apprentices to the Firm. Here you can find all of the latest updates from Alyisha, Dixie, Jade and Lillie as they report on their working apprenticeships within a modern law firm.

A year as an apprentice in Litigation

Hi, im Alyisha


As a young adult coming straight from school, it is a pretty big step to go into the world of work/university. Ive been an apprentice for 12 months now in the Litigation department. Its fair to say that this year has been an eyeopener for sure. 

What the year overall has been like for you?

Overall the past 12 months have been a big eye opener for me. University life is a big change but working in a professional environment is even bigger. I’ve managed to put a lot of things into perspective so far understanding have realised that law is the right path for me. It has been a struggle juggling work and university, but I feel more confident than when I started. Some people think that apprenticeships are the ‘easy option’ but I can honestly say, this apprenticeship is one of my biggest challenges as well as one of my biggest commitments. 

What your first 6 months were like?

The first 6 months were the most challenging. It involved a lot of networking,  confidence building and a lot of adjustment. I had never worked in an office based environment before so everything was very new (especially the terminology). I knew that with time and experience I would understand and meet the expectations required of me. The support the firm offered really brought me and the other apprentices out of our shells through lots of training, social events and team building activities. . The firm have been supportive in all that I do, bettering me as an individual as well as an employee all at my own pace.

What has the firm done to support you?

The firm has supported me throughout the last year academically, emotionally, and financially. FBCMB and BPP together have really helped me develop as a person. I am confident to discuss any queries or concerns that I may have (whether they are personal or work based) and know exactly the right person to talk to. I am confident that confidential issues are kept confidential and I am forever grateful for the continuous support I receive from the firm. Overall, the firms support has helped me better myself as an individual and an employee, all at my own pace. What is even better is that I work within a great team, full of different characters, so work life is always fun and enjoyable!

What you have done to achieve the best you can?

I always  attend  the ‘extra’ training skills days hosted by the firm and external organisations. The firm really prides themselves in ensuring each trainee is mentally developed as well as academically as the legal profession can be a very intense . Being committed, focused with a ‘can do’ approach in all that I do will allow me to achieve my best potential.

What your aspirations are?

In life, my aspirations are to be happy, healthy and successful in all that I do. This involves loving your job and working environment which I do! I’ve always wanted to become a solicitor and now I really have the opportunity to do so. In exactly 6years I will qualify specialising in contentious probate which will meet my goal of being successful. In the long run, I even hope to apply for the position of  partner of FBCMB!

And finally, what do you feel next 6 months – 1 year holds for you?

I’m taking a ‘break in learning’ (a year out of my apprenticeship with job security) For 3 months in  Sierra Leone, doing my part to defeat poverty. I will return to the firm in January as a paralegal until my apprenticeships continues in September 2018 with the next intake of apprentices. The next 6 months / year will hold open a lot more doors and opportunities available for me through my international experience. Because I will no longer have the stress of university for a few months I will be able to focus solely on my work based skills; developing them further and also increasing my business network around our offices more effectively.

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