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When Cohabitee Relationships Go Wrong

As the number of unmarried people living together continues to increase in the UK, we are advising more and more clients on the merits of seeking legal advice in relation to making a Cohabitation Agreement to ensure that in the event of separation their assets are protected.

Where a cohabiting couple do not have a Cohabitation Agreement in place, separation can often be extremely distressing, as cohabitation does not provide an individual with the same rights as marriage. On separation an individual does not automatically have rights to the shared home, finances or possessions no matter how long they have lived together or even if they have children together.

A separation in circumstances where a couple have been living together as a married couple and whose finances and lives have become so inextricably linked can often lead to an extremely acrimonious separation and litigation process.

In the event of a relationship breakdown our expert Family Law Team can provide cohabitees with advice on finances and property including how it is held, in addition to advice on children and parental responsibility.

If you have an enquiry in relation to a separation, wish to make a Cohabitation Agreement or simply want to speak to a member of our friendly Team for further information and guidance, please use the request a call back or make an enquiry option to get in touch.


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