What are your fees?


As everycase is different, listing all our fees for every eventuality would be impossible.

The best thing to do is to make an enquiry with us. Give us the details of your case and we will provide a realistic estimation of costs for your case without obligation. Meaning you have peace of mind and can make a clear decision as to if you want to instruct us.

Now of course in the beginning, these would be estimations that we are happy to put down on paper with you, however, predicting the future is impossible and obstacles can occur from time to time, usually from 3rd parties. So it is not unusual that further costs can crop up.

However our philosophy is make sure nothing is hidden from, which is why we outline any further costs that may occur from the offset.

There are some examples we can give to give you an idea of what a "standard" case may look like from a financial point of view:

Cost's guide to conveyancing
Cost's guide to probate
Cost's guide for motoring offences
Tribunal cost's for unfair or wrongful dismissal


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