Every little helps when it comes to estate planning


Store loyalty cards - the majority of us have them, tucked away in purses and wallets, clocking up the savings and rewards every time we shop.

Some people save them up and splurge on a treat, others use them to buy every day essentials. But what happens to them when we die?

Will Jones, a solicitor in the Wills, Probate and Lifetime Planning team at FBC Manby Bowdler, looks into how you can protect your points:

Although a relatively recent addition to the shopping experience, us Brits apparently rack up around £5.7bn in ‘spend and save’ schemes that exploded on to the high street a few years ago.

It’s now second nature for us to brandish a Clubcard at Tesco or Advantage Card at Boots as you stock up on the weekly shop. Many savvy shoppers also use other schemes to their advantage such as credit cards that give free travel rewards when you use flash the plastic to book and pay for goods or services.

For retailers, it’s a canny trick to keep us tied to their brands and for consumers, it’s a way to get a little extra something for your loyalty.

But what happens to these when we die? The average Briton is estimated to generate around £122 per year, not a sum to be sniffed at when you’re considering your overall estate planning. After all, every little helps, doesn’t it?

Every scheme has different terms and conditions and it pays to check with each organisation what the rules are. Some may say the points or rewards form part of a deceased person’s estate, some may say they belong to the company and cannot be bequeathed in a will.

It’s useful to keep a record amongst your important papers of any loyalty or reward cards that you have to assist your executors in notifying schemes.

If you’d like to know more about estate planning and wills, contact Will on 01902 392402 or by email at will.jones@fbcmb.co.uk.

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