Brexit where are we today - March 13, 2019?

FBC Manby Bowdler Brexit Director, Peter Wilding,

Peter Wilding on Brexit

Where are we now on Brexit? What does it mean for

Bloodhound First Live Run

Bloodhound SSC - First test run at Newquay airport

Autosport 2018 with the UWR Racing Team

The University of Wolverhampton Racing team

FBC Manby Bowdler Proud to Sponsor UWR F3 Team

The FBCMB Team was delighted to join the official

FBCMB Guide to Buying & Selling Your Home

Watch our new property buying & selling guide to

Meet our Training Principal!

Meet FBCMB's Training Principal Charlotte Clode

The life of an FBCMB Trainee!

Welcome to the Team! What can our successful

Why become a solicitor?

Meet Trainee Solicitors, Kate and Olivia and newly

What we look for in a Trainee

Could you be a trainee solicitor at FBCMB? Find

About our Training Contracts

Training Principal, Charlotte Clode, answers all

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