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'A 7 year old who sustained severe traumatic brain injury'
01 Apr 2021
by Susan Todhunter

What was the case?

Tina is a 7 year old child who sustained severe traumatic brain injury as a result of a fall from height when she was a toddler. The claim was defended and we represented the child and her family taking the case to a full liability trial which we won 100% against the Defendant Landlord. 

What was the outcome?

Tina made a relatively good physical recovery but unfortunately suffers with fatigue, difficulties with concentration, memory and retaining information. She has challenging behaviour and speech difficulties. 

To date rehabilitation funded through the litigation has focused on providing support to the family, engaging specialist therapies and providing advocacy to ensure adequate educational support and training for the teaching staff.

A professional Deputy is being appointed and our Court of Protection Team will work alongside us to ensure that Tina’s rehabilitation is properly managed and funded. We have obtained preliminary reports from medical experts and will be obtaining further and updating reports as the case progresses.

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality.


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