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Alzheimer's Society
30 Apr 2021

Making a difference for those living with dementia.

Alzheimer's Society is committed to ensuring those living with or affected by Dementia have access to resources which aid them in day-to-day living. For every 3 minutes that passes another adult within the UK will be diagnosed with a form of Dementia.

FBC Manby Bowdler regularly part take in events such as Dementia Action Week, with Partner, Michelle Monnes-Thomas a member of the Wolverhampton Dementia Action Alliance and a qualified Dementia Friend, we continually strive in the pursuit of answers and as well as raising awareness surrounding this condition.

As a firm we are recognised as being ‘Dementia Friendly’ and regularly provide legal assistance to those who are suffering with Dementia as well as their families. We have a specialist team of legal advisors who can assist and advise on a range of legal matters such as Community Care, Court of Protection & Deputyship, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Wills to name a few.

For further information on the services provided by Alzheimer’s Society, please click here.