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Brain Damage and Blindness Case settled for £2.8 million
01 Apr 2021
Our Head of Department, Tim Gray, has recently concluded a complex and sensitive medical negligence case.

What was the case?

Mr Smith* was 33 years old at the time of his bariatric surgery, which he required for weight loss. 

The hospital in question mismanaged his after care, resulting in Mr Smith developing Wernicke’s Encephalopathy, a form of brain damage. Consequently, Mr Smith has suffered with serious and functional injuries, which include damage to the brain, severe impairment of vision and loss of mobility. 

He is now wheelchair dependent and is registered blind. These injures will have catastrophic consequences for the rest of his life including that of his relationships with close family & friends.

Prior to the negligence, Mr Smith had planned and arranged his wedding with his partner. After suffering these injuries he persisted and managed to attend his wedding day with difficulty. He then had to return to the hospital after the ceremony. Unfortunately, the marriage did not survive and the couple subsequently separated. Mr Smith believes that this separation was due to his disability as it had a huge impact on the whole family. 

The consequences of the negligent medical treatment have been catastrophic. Mr Smith will be on medication for the rest of his life, currently taking around 46 tablets a day, resulting in him not having an appetite. He will need constant daily care and support and due to his disability adapted accommodation is also necessary.


What was the outcome?

Following court proceedings and after a joint settlement meeting with the medical trust’s legal team, Tim agreed terms of settlement on behalf of the client for an immediate payment of a lump sum of £2.8 million pounds and periodical or annual guaranteed payments for life of £127k. This settlement will allow Mr Smith to secure appropriate accommodation that is specially adapted for Mr. Smith’s needs and provide him with rehabilitation, care and support for the remainder of his life.

Head of Department, Tim Gray, leading the case said, “This case was incredibly tragic. The outcome of the admitted negligent medical treatment had a devastating impact on Mr Smith, which ruined his marriage.

This settlement will allow Mr Smith to purchase the best adapted accommodation to suit his needs and he will always be able to have the best care and support for the rest of his life.”

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality.


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