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'Compensation awarded to family for Grandmother’s Grade 4 pressure sore'
01 Apr 2021
by Michael Portman-Hann

Compensation awarded to family for pain and suffering arising from elderly Grandmother’s avoidable Grade 4 pressure sore.

A grieving family have successfully won their claim against Private Carers and District Nurses for negligent care resulting in Grade 4 pressure sores.

What was the case?

Mrs Jones* was receiving care at home for a number of years, provided by Carradice Care Limited, who have since ceased trading.

In August 2017, it was noted by the Carers that Mrs Jones was starting to develop pressure sores to her lower back and bottom. District Nurses were called in to assess the area, however nothing further was done and there were no changes made to the care regime. This meant that preventative action was not taken and Mrs Jones was allowed to deteriorate and develop Grade 4 pressure sores to her sacrum.

Mrs Jones was admitted to Hospital in September 2017, at which time the severe injury was noted and treatment provided, however by this point it was too late. Mrs Jones remained in substantial pain for the remainder of her life, until she passed away in January 2018.


What was the outcome?

From an initial review of Mrs Jones’ medical records, it was clear that the standard of care she received was woefully below that which should be expected.

Although complications arose because Carradice Care had ceased trading before we were instructed, we were able to liaise with their Solicitors about the matter and put forward allegations of negligence. In addition, allegations were put to Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust, who were responsible for the management of the District Nurses who failed to take any steps to prevent Mrs Jones’ deterioration.

Both Defendants undertook their own investigations before agreeing to pay compensation to Mrs Jones’ family. Damages of £25,000 were agreed shortly before the third anniversary of her death. Her family have said that they are most pleased that the Defendants finally admitted that they had failed Mrs Jones, and hoped that by bringing this claim they can prevent anyone else from having to suffer in the future.

The family have said “Initially it was a difficult decision for us to make to bring this claim and we felt anxious about entering into such a process. However, we needed not to have been concerned as Michael Portman-Hann fully explained the process at each stage, and provided clear and simple advice for us to be able to make decisions when needed. We were kept fully informed and Michael showed empathy throughout and we’re grateful that this was brought to a close so efficiently and with sensitivity.”

Chartered Legal Executive Michael Portman-Hann, who represented the family, said “This is a truly upsetting case. Pressure sores are extremely painful and long-lasting, and in most circumstances wholly avoidable. I’m pleased that we were able to secure answers for Mrs Jones’ family, and I sincerely hope that this will improve care in the future so that no-one else has to suffer such easily avoidable injuries again.”

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality.

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