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Compensation successfully awarded to a local gentleman for an avoidable duodenal ulcer
19 Apr 2022

A local West Midlands man has successfully won his claim against his General Practitioners for negligent care resulting in delayed diagnosis of Helicobacter Pylori, causing an avoidable duodenal ulcer and the associated pain and suffering for a prolonged period of time.

What was the case?

Mr S had a history of abdominal pain first reported to his GP in 2004, and in September 2013 was prescribed Omeprazole to control his symptoms. From December 2013 onwards, Mr S attended a number of appointments with GPs at the Practice, during which he repeatedly complained of recurrent symptoms including abdominal pain. Despite this, no investigations were performed and Mr S’s prescription was renewed without any medication reviews being conducted.

Ultimately, Mr S decided to seek a second opinion, and attended a private consultation in April 2018, at which time he underwent Gastroscopy and Biopsy. Mr S was diagnosed as suffering from a duodenal ulcer and duodenitis and underwent Helicobacter Pylori testing. Mr S was prescribed Proton Pump Inhibitors which settled his condition and he has had no subsequent relapse.

Due to the profound impact that the Helicobacter Pylori infection had had on his life for four and a half years, with no further investigations made, Mr S approached FBC Manby Bowdler to assist with trying to obtain an apology from the GP Practice, in addition to recovering compensation. Michael Portman-Hann, an experienced Associate in our Medical Negligence department, acted as Mr S’s legal representative.

What was the outcome?

Following investigations into the facts of the case, Mr S's legal representative entered into communication with the GP Practice, who admitted that there were failures to review Mr S’s medication, and that Mr S should have been offered Helicobacter Pylori testing prior to April 2018. It was also admitted that, had this occurred, Mr S would have undergone eradication therapy sooner than was the case, and thus avoided the development of his duodenal ulcer and need for an endoscopy. The GPs apologised to Mr S for these failures in his care.

As a result of these admissions, we were successful in recovering £20,000 for Mr S to compensate him for his pain and suffering, and the consequential losses he experienced, including lost earnings. In addition, the Defendant agreed to pay his legal costs.

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