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Facing up to social media
09 Sep 2020

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, TikTok – there are few people these days who don’t use some form of social networking to share their thoughts, experiences or general musings.

The BBC’s new Director General recently pledged to crackdown on social media impartiality among its staff but this isn’t just an issue for big business – every employer needs to consider how the use of social media by its employees affects a business. Julia Fitzsimmons, Lead Partner in our Employment Team, has this advice:

There are two key elements to consider when thinking about social media and your business but, in both cases, having a policy on the use of social networking that is clearly communicated to your team is paramount.

If you have business social media profiles, it is important to consider who uses them, the messages you communicate and how you respond to and engage with other content.

This should all be clearly defined in operational guidelines that are understood by all those running social media accounts.

But what of employees and their own personal social media accounts? There are instances when comments or behaviour by your staff might get into the public domain and result in negative publicity for your business.

Make sure staff realise that whenever they are representing your business, or can be associated with it in some way, for instance by wearing an employee name badge or by their information on their social media profile, then their behaviour could have an impact on the reputation of the business.

Any social media policy should protect your company against such risks and to make it clear that activity on social media, which could adversely affect the reputation of the business, may result in disciplinary action.


For help and advice on these issues Julia Fitzsimmons will be able to help.

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