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Family of 29-year-old mother seek compensation after inquest
06 Nov 2023

The family of a Wolverhampton mother who died as a result of “gross failure” by paramedics  have instructed FBC Manby Bowdler to investigate a claim for clinical negligence.

Associate Michael Portman-Hann has been supporting Lauren Smith’s family since she died in January, when paramedics services misread an ECG which showed the 29-year-old was having a heart attack.

Now her mother, Emma Carrington, is looking to pursue a claim against West Midlands Ambulance Service for clinic negligence and compensation, to help support Lauren’s daughter in the years to come.

The inquest heard that Mrs Carrington found the then two-year-old sitting on her mother trying to wake her but she had already passed away.

The inquest, reported by the BBC, heard evidence that there was an electronic print out on the scene which confirmed Lauren was suffering from a heart attack however this was either read wrong or not taken account of by the paramedics. 

Mr Portman-Hann said: “The coroner has made a recommendation to prevent future deaths and will require West Midlands Ambulance Service to review the learning of their paramedics and the efficacy of their training.

“In addition the coroner is reporting the two paramedics who attended Lauren's home to the Health and Care Professional Council who will review the treatment provided and take any action as appropriate following their own investigation. 

“Following by the inquest we are instructed to continue to investigate a clinical negligence case regarding the care provided to Lauren and will be commencing investigations with a view to secure compensation from the trust for Lauren's bereaved family."

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