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FBC Manby Bowdler launches #askfbcmb Covid-19 campaign
24 Apr 2020

FBC Manby Bowdler has launched a new campaign offering extensive expert advice and support throughout the coronavirus crisis.

The firm has compiled a comprehensive library of dozens of the most frequently asked questions it has been receiving since the start of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Now it is extending its #askfbcmb campaign to answer individual questions from businesses and members of the public to help them negotiate the minefield of new regulations. 

Managing director Neil Lloyd said FBC Manby Bowdler was committed to providing as much information as possible to help the region during the current situation.

“We have been inundated with clients – both commercial and private – asking a huge number of questions about coronavirus and the mountain of new regulation the Government has already introduced to help the country through it.

“These have been as varied as whether someone can see the children they co-parent if they live in another household; if a contract still stands if an event is cancelled to how a company director can furlough themselves and we’ve had a lot of debt recovery questions too.

“We have compiled the most commonly-asked questions into a series of articles on our website – – but now want to hear from anyone who has any questions we have not yet covered.

“Of course, we won’t be able to offer specific legal advice directly to the questioner, but we will be able to answer the principles raised and add the response to our answer bank for everyone to benefit from. And we’ll make sure we reply back to the original post to point them in the direction of the answer.

“Our business – like almost all across the region – has been hugely affected by this virus and we want to try to help as many people as possible access the legal information they urgently need to get through it.”

To date, there are nearly 20 separate question-and-answer articles on the company’s website offering advice on a range of issues from the Government’s business support scheme, family and childcare arrangements and travel issues.

The firm wants people to use the #askfbcmb hashtag on their social channels to pose any coronavirus-related legal question they have or they can email directly if preferred at