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FBCMB joins Black Country business initiative
15 Sep 2016

FBC Manby Bowdler has become a founding member of the Black Country Chamber of Commerce 'Platinum Group Service Sector'. 

This group is a network of strategically important businesses within the Black Country service industry, representing key service providers across Tourism & Leisure, Travel, Accountancy, Law, Banking, Training, Health & Safety, Insurance, Architecture and Education. As part of the group the Firm will be working to build strong business relationships through peer-to-peer development and sharing best practice. 

The Platinum Group Service Sector will allow CEO’s and MD’s to process issues and analyse each other’s strategy in a confidential peer to peer learning environment - where fellow members act as a trusted board of advisers. Group Director Mornings (Sharing Best Practice) will be hosted on site by members of the group and will allow members to discuss relevant sector developments, access insight from a range of tools and best practices, and produce innovative solutions.

The other founder members of are BCRS Business Loans, Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, Emirates, MHA MacIntyre Hudson LLP, NatWest Bank plc and Lawrence Cleaning Ltd.

Neil Lloyd, Sales Director of FBC Manby Bowdler LLP and the first member to join The Platinum Group Service Sector, said: “We are delighted to be part of this exciting new initiative in the Black Country. 

"The service sector plays a key role in underpinning the overall success of the region’s businesses and this new group will enable us to pool our experience and knowledge to fine-tune our own organisations and provide a better level of service to our clients.”

Gail Arnold, Head of The Platinum Group, commented: “The Platinum Group has been so successful in driving growth and development for our members in the manufacturing, automotive and logistics sectors that the natural progression is to now extend this to the Service Sector. 

"We are confident that we can continue to deliver an unparalleled level of support for our new service members and help them to build strong relationships, develop their employees and grow their businesses as a result.”

Meet Neil Lloyd