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Feeling hot, hot, hot...
24 Jul 2018

The summer of 2018 is already being compared with the long, hot scorcher of 1976.

Records have been broken across the UK, the words ‘hose-pipe ban’ are being whispered, and we’re all suffering from sleep deprivation due to night-time temperatures that are in the high teens.

It’s hot, it’s sticky, and the question is, when does it get too hot to work? 

FBC Manby Bowdler’s Julia Fitzsimmons said there simple answer is there isn’t actually any legal requirement for employers to let staff go home when it gets hot. 

“There is no law stating what the minimum or maximum working temperatures are and the guidance numbers range from a minimum of 16°C, or 13°C if employees are engaged in physical work. But they’re exactly that – just guidance numbers. They’re not enforceable by law.

“Rather than tackling the problem from a temperature point of view, it may be worth looking at it from a different angle – as an employer you have a duty of care to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.”

If staff feel their wellbeing is being put at risk due to hot working conditions, then they can challenge you and ask you to address the situation. 

As always, it’s worth looking over your employment policies and reviewing in the light of the rising temperatures. And remember our experience employment team are on hand for advice! 

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