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Knit your fine? Get advice from the experts
26 Nov 2021

You may have seen a recent story about a driver who was wrongly given a penalty notice for driving in a bus lane when in fact, the ANPR cameras had wrongly read a pedestrian’s novelty t shirt (which said ‘knitter’) as their numberplate.

While Bath Council and the driver were happy to laugh about the incident and the fine was of course waived, it raises the important issue of properly checking the details of alleged driving offences and challenging them if mistakes have been made, says Elisabeth Glover, Senior Associate for FBC Manby Bowdler’s Regulatory and Business Crime team.

Motoring and driving offences vary in seriousness from traffic infringements, such as speeding and driving in a bus lane, to drink and drug driving, and driving without insurance.

Some offences (if convicted) will lead to a driving ban, while others will get you penalty points on your license. And if you get 12 points or more in a three-year period, you will also receive a driving ban.

Losing your license can have a significant impact on your lifestyle and well-being, as it could lead to the loss of your job, relationship problems plus lots of inconvenience for you and those who depend on you.

So if you rely on having a driving license, it’s essential you check the details of any Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) letters carefully and seek legal advice promptly if a mistake has been made or if there are mitigating circumstances which should be considered.

With sound legal counsel, even driving bans for 12+ points can be overturned if you can show you would suffer exceptional hardship because of it.

We offer a variety of services relating to motoring offences, from initial advice when you receive a NIP to trial representation. We can help you with individual motoring offences advice, including speeding, drink driving and careless and dangerous driving and also counsel on commercial transport offences, including driver’s hours offences and health and safety legislation breaches.

We take great care to ensure you are properly advised on the likely legal costs merits and risks of starting or contesting a transport and motoring claim.

Received a penalty notice which is ‘knit’ yours? Or have a driving offence you need to contest? You can contact Elisabeth Glover on or by calling 01902 578000  .

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