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New York City comes to Wolverhampton
09 Mar 2016

You might not know that FBC Manby Bowdler was one of the original firms to become a member of LawNet, an organisation that exists to help independent law firms stay ahead through benefiting from collective resources, shared knowledge and commitment to best practice.

As part of being a member of LawNet we’re also part of Eurojuris. It’s a network of independent law firms with members based in 50 countries, representing about 600 law firms and 6,000 lawyers.

It’s a great string to our bow, as many of our clients are exporting, opening subsidiaries or creating joint ventures overseas and on occasion need local advice from someone they can trust.As you can imagine all the communication is via email or phone so it was a slight surprise last week when a Corporate Attorney from a Wall Street firm asked if he could pop in to say introduce himself and put faces to names.

After a pleasant meeting, and promising to send him a Wolves FC shirt, in exchange for the toy NYC taxi he bought for us, it was great to have some reflection time, and realise that what we’re doing for our Corporate clients is not only getting recognised in increased levels of business, and press coverage but also in other places you wouldn’t have ever dreamed of.

I just need to convince the Managing Partner, that Wolverhampton, Telford, Shrewsbury, New York would look great on the letterhead.

If you need representation in countries overseas, follow this link to find out more.