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NHS error could prompt legal cases
13 Feb 2019

Orthopaedic patients who have been fitted with metal plates to repair limb fractures in the last year are being urged to seek urgent medical advice after it emerged the implants could fail.

At least 5,500 people nationwide who had limb fractures repaired since February 2018 are set to have their cases reviewed by the NHS after it was discovered that the implants might buckle.

The review was sparked following the discovery that the wrong plate was used in seven cases at one hospital trust. One patient fell causing the plate to buckle and need replacing and another also failed, resulting in further surgery.

Tim Gray, Lead Partner of our Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Department, says those affected could pursue a case for medical negligence:

It’s estimated that around 30 to 40 patients at each hospital trust in England could have had a plate fitted and will need their cases reviewing. That is a significant number and will cause ever increasing pressure upon the NHS which already under huge strain.

Patients should act quickly and contact their GP and/or consultant if they have any concerns at all or have undergone these operations in the last year.

Depending on the individual, it could require more x-rays and further surgery if the wrong plate was fitted. This will cause more inconvenience with a physical recovery and people could suffer losses, such as earnings, through no fault of their own.

Those affected could pursue a medical negligence claim and case for compensation for that inconvenience so it’s important to consult a legal expert in this particular field at the first opportunity. Our medical negligence team is on hand to support and advise anyone who thinks they may have been affected by this error.

* Tim is the Lead Partner within the Personal Injury and Medical Negligence department and heads up our Medical Negligence Team, in addition to managing other high value and complex multi track cases, often involving head and spinal injuries and cases of amputation.

He has secured several substantial claims for seriously injured claimants during recent years and is experienced in successfully dealing with the often difficult challenges that arise during the claims process including the recovery of damages for care and the provision of statutory care services, and negotiating and seeking approval of orders for periodical payments.

Tim can be contacted at or 01902 364708.

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