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‘Pawternity’ leave and other perks
15 May 2017

Some employers might think that the idea of giving staff time off to care for their new puppy is ‘barking mad’.

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But one company has done just that. Scottish craft beer maker Brewdog has announced that staff are now entitled to a week’s paid leave to spend time with their new puppy or rescue dog - so-called ‘pawternity’ leave.

Brewdog is not the only company that’s come up with an unusual perk for its staff. Boxed, an American online retailer, hit the headlines when it revealed it would contribute towards the cost of a worker’s wedding.

The days of a company car or mobile phone being seen as a ‘perk’ are long gone so there’s no doubt that businesses need to be inventive when it comes to getting and retaining the best staff.

Studies have shown that a happy workforce is a productive one so making sure the employee experience is a positive one should be a key focus for employers. It’s not just about pay although ensuring that is pitched at the right level is important in a competitive market place.

Employers should look at a variety of other benefits and decide which are workable within their organisation and could bring the best return on investment in terms of staff. 

So if you want to recruit and retain the best people for your business, pawternity leave could be the way to go!

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