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Powys County Council adopts new Local Development Plan
27 Apr 2018

Following a meeting on 17 April, Powys County Council has announced that it has formally adopted its new Local Development Plan.

Detailing all the Council’s planning policies for the period up to 2026, the plan includes policies relating to the location and quantity of housing development, employment sites, solar and wind energy and farm diversification. 

Importantly, the plan details how new residential development in towns and larger villages must be focussed within the outlined development boundaries, whilst in smaller villages new housing should be located between existing buildings in built up frontages and on sites which are capable of accommodating no more than 2 dwellings.

Changes to the way in which planning applications are considered are also detailed in the plan and include:

  • A requirement on developers in certain areas to provide measures that mitigate any negative effect on the development of Welsh language and culture.  These would include financial contributions towards welsh language teaching in local schools
  • A requirement that new buildings which are part of farm diversification proposals be located within or immediately adjacent to existing farmsteads. This is a new requirement as previously the Council has granted permission for buildings to be erected away from the farm complex.

Powys County Council’s plan became effective immediately, although it is currently in a six week window during which challenges to its validity can be brought

If you are looking for guidance when seeking planning permissions under the new changes, contact Mark on 01952 208412 or

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