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Q. What can I do if I want to challenge the grant of a planning permission?
16 Jan 2018

A. If you have an issue with a planning permission which has been granted, you have the option to challenge this. Examples of this situation could be:

  • The proposed development will have a negative impact on your property 

  • You think that the Council has not followed the correct procedures in granting planning permission

You have the option to challenge the granted planning permission to the High Court.

The grounds for bringing such a challenge are limited, and you would have to show that the Council had made an error of law, rather than simply reaching a decision that you disagree with. We can advise you whether you might have a case for judicial review and as to the costs and risks of taking the case.

However its worth noting that you only have 6 weeks to from the date of the decision to launch proceedings – legal advice should therefore be sought quickly!

If you are looking to challenge and need more advice, contact Mark on 01952 208412 or

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