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Remember a charity – how you can make a lasting difference
12 Sep 2019

This week’s Remember a Charity week aims to highlight how your generous gift could support the numerous organisations that rely on donations to continue.

Although one in six wills in the UK leaves a gift to charity (nfp Synergy – Facts and Figures: Legacies for Charities) it’s estimated that fewer than two thirds of adults aged over 55 actually have a will.

So if you want to leave a gift to a charity when you die, it’s important to make sure you actually have a will and that it’s properly drafted!

As many charities, especially small local ones, rely on donations to continue their work, you need to ensure that your final wishes are correctly stipulated so they get the financial support you want them to have.

If Remember a Charity week has spurred you on to make or update your will, please contact our Wills, Probate & Lifetime Planning team.