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UKABIF (United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum)
30 Apr 2021

Aiming to promote better understanding of all aspects of acquired brain injury.

With a network comprising of legal service professionals, NHS and independent care providers, Healthcare professionals, volunteers and those living with Acquired Brain Injuries, UKABIF aim to promote and raise awareness of all aspects of Acquired Brain Injury and offer insight into how individuals and organisations can assist those living with one.

At FBC Manby Bowdler we have a specialist legal team of Personal Injury lawyers who work closely with those who have suffered an Acquired Brain Injury. It is therefore important to us that we continue to associate with organisations like UKABIF in order to ensure we continue to deliver best practice as well as being able to direct clients to further support services provided by organisations like this.

Further information on the services and support offered through UKABIF can be viewed here.