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'We will be forever grateful'
01 Apr 2021
by Jarna Rahman

What was the case? 

The FBCMB Residential Team were contacted by a local couple about purchasing their first home which was on the market for £145,000. The couple went onto explain that their offer of £140,000 had been accepted but they needed advice on next steps in relation to their mortgage and instructing a Solicitor.  

The Team explained that a meeting with the bank would be necessary to discuss their mortgage options, after which we were able to provide a quote for our services. We were able to email this quote immediately after an initial phone call had taken place. Every quote we provide to our clients includes a breakdown of the legal fees involved, details of the various searches on the property required including environmental, mining, water land registry and local authority as well as the fee for the Stamp Duty Land Tax, which has to be paid on every property.

The couple were happy with the quote and details provided by FBCMB, which included a copy of the Firm's Client Charter outlining the customer service standards every client can expect to receive and signed the relevant documentation for the team to take on the purchase.


How did FBCMB help?

As First Time Buyers without the added complexity of needing to sell a property themselves, the completion should have been relatively straight forward and completed within a maximum of 3 months. The couple contacted FBCMB in June, arranged a meeting with their bank in July and agreed their Mortgage in Principle Offer which is a document that states that the bank are happy to provide the monies for their mortgage but this would expire after 3 months. 

Unfortunately, the seller of the property had not found a new home to move into during this time which meant that the couple's original Mortgage in Principle Offer expired in October. The FBCMB Team stayed in contact with the Estate Agent selling the property, as the seller didn’t yet have a solicitor, to keep up to date on the seller’s progress and whether another property had been found. 

The Team advised the couple to go back to the bank and agree another Mortgage in Principle Offer which would then last another 3 months and expire in January.

Within the first 3 months, the Team had completed all of the relevant searches and work required for the purchase and were simply waiting for the seller to find a property and instruct a solicitor for the sale.


What was the final outcome?

Brilliantly for our clients the seller did find a new home in December and the arrangements were made for a completion date of January 29th. The team exchanged contracts a week before the completion date and on January 29th monies were exchanged and the sale was complete!


How was this experience for our Client?

“As First Time Buyers, we were excited, nervous and anxious about moving into our first home and to be honest had really no idea of what we needed to do. From our initial call with FBCMB, we felt at ease and they definitely helped us every step of the way. The Team were very quick to respond, advised us on what to do when speaking to the bank and also the Estate Agent selling the property but overall made the process positive given the difficulties we had with the seller!

We will be forever grateful to the team at FBCMB and when we are ready to move again we will certainly be in touch.

Thank you to the team!

Mr D & Miss S.”


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