Accident at Work Solicitors.

If you have had an accident at work, or your safety was neglected, you could be entitled to compensation.

Accidents can be very disrupting and be difficult.

We uncomplicate the legal process.

If you have had an accident at work, it is worth exploring whether you can make a claim. There is a 3 year period from the date the accident occurred to do this, where you will need to prove that the injury or illness you suffered or are suffering with was due to negligence.

Employment Law

From the moment you start work, your employer has a duty... to keep you safe. Employers are legally bound to ensure you are not at risk of injury whilst at work & if there is a risk, measures are put in place to protect you. However, if you have had an accident at work, or your safety was neglected, you could be entitled to compensation.



There are many types of accidents that can happen in the work place:

Slips and trips at work

Head injuries

Spinal cord & Back injury

Industrial Disease

Repetitive strain injury

Soft tissue injury

Defective work equipment

PPE – Inadequate protective equipment or clothing

Manual handling

Falls from heights

Falling objects

Falls from heights

Inadequate training


Burns and scars

Chemical, dust, fumes & gas injuries


Farm accidents

So what should you do if you have had an accident at work?

  • Make sure you record the incident in a company accident book. This ensures your employer has acknowledged the accident.
  • Once this has been recorded, check your employer has informed & logged the incident with HSE (Health & Safety Executive).
  • You could be entitled to SSP (Statutory Sick Pay) or even Company Sick Pay / benefits, so it is worth checking your contract of employment to see your entitlement.
  • Having visible records of your accident with official bodies is vital when you make a claim, make sure you:
    • Whether your injuries are minor or serious, see your GP or a health specialist.
    • Contact the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) and register your claim as an Industrial Injury.
Tim Gray

Working With Our Service Team

Our team of trusted and compassionate legal advisers have many years’ experience helping individuals with all of their needs following an injury. Our aim is always to uncomplicate the legal process and work collaboratively with you to reach a successful resolution as quickly as possible.

- Tim Gray

If you have or a loved one has had an accident or have suffered from Medical Negligence or simply want to speak to a member of our expert team, please get in touch for a free initial consultation.

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What Our Clients Say

We cannot thank Michelle enough, for everything she has done for my mum. Michelle has been magnificent throughout. FBC are very fortunate to have Michelle working for them and future clients will be incredibly lucky to have Michelle as their solicitor. 

Michelle Hartshorn

Mr B


I am very Grateful to Adam and his team for putting their effort in my case and taking care of me through all this time. They have helped me in getting therapy, helped me in getting a prosthetic, have helped me personally, have given me kind words of support and answers to all kinds of questions I had. Thank you for always showing understanding and having the patience to explain to me anything I would ask you, advising me and keeping up with my instability. Thank you very much with all my heart for all you you did for me, it brings me to tears knowing someone, you, who paid attention to me and my injury, to my mental needs without judging me or ever making me feel less. I appreciate deeply your attitude towards me all this time. Thank you again for everything. I will always remember what you have done for me.

Adam Wilson

Miss R


FBC Manby Bowdler Solicitors are great, taking on my case 4 years ago when other solicitors told me I didn’t have a claim and I wasn’t entitled to any compensation. The people that work there are really nice people and make you feel very welcome. They gave me all the help and support I wanted and needed throughout my case and Susan Todhunter got me the best outcome ever. I was amazed by the result!

Susan Todhunter

Miss S


Having fought five years against an employer which had caused me exceptional harm, resulting in the catastrophic and premature end of my career, I could not be more pleased with the outcome secured by my Solicitor and Barrister. As a result I feel completely vindicated and my mental health, which had suffered so greatly, is well on the way to recovery. My Solicitor was a huge support because he understood the implications of the case on my health but also fully grasped the enormity of what I was fighting for. His communication was second to none - always timely, warm, friendly but he would often contact me in his own time, at home etc. I could not have asked for a more committed and dedicated legal representative in my corner.

Adam Wilson

Mr R


I want to extend my sincere thanks to Randip Birring and FBC Manby Bowdler for taking my case on a no win no fee basis. From the outset Randip supported me and believed in me and was patient and answered all queries. I cannot thank her enough for this. Without Randip’s support I would not have been able to get to a satisfactory conclusion.

Randip Birring

Mrs B


On behalf of my dad and my sister, I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have done to reach a successful conclusion to our claim. You have treated us with sensitivity and empathy throughout this sad and upsetting process for which our appreciation is immeasurable. For myself, to describe working with you as being a pleasure seems strange under the circumstances but nevertheless true!

Michelle Hartshorn



The attention to detail in terms of my sons welfare from Adam Wilson has been exceptional. Everything that was done was purely in my son's best interests. The aftercare was superb, which has given me every confidence that my son received exactly the right treatment he needed at exactly the right time.  The communication and organisation has also been second to none.  I would have no reservations whatsoever to enlist your services in the future should I need to, or recommend you to anyone in a similar position.

Adam Wilson

Mr S


We instructed FBCMB not really understanding the personal injury process but we liked their association with Headway and how professional they were when we first enquired about starting a claim.

Sue and Tonia have been amazing. Both approachable and friendly, totally non-judgemental not just caring about the claim and getting the right outcome for Paul but genuinely interested in his well-being and the human behind the claim. Always responsive and on the end of the line explaining the process simply and with patience.  

In such difficult circumstances a life changing outcome was achieved.

The level of care and support provided by Sue and Tonia was what we valued most about our relationship with the FBCMB Team. Without their expert instruction, advice and guidance we would never have gained a diagnosis for Paul so quickly all whilst keeping his interest and the family at the heart of the work they have done.

Susan Todhunter & Tonia Brooks

Ms L