Employment Law for Employees.

Our specialist Employment Law team advise employees in a range of positions on workplace disputes, redundancy and dismissal issues.

Disputes within the workplace can be stressful.

We can help you move forward.

Our Employment Law specialists can provide expert and immediate advice on a workplace dispute, redundancy threat or inform you how employment law advice might be funded by your employer.

Employment Law

The majority of us spend most of our day at work, in an office, hospital ward or a production line. Although we hope our employers take care of us, there are cases where disputes arise in the workplace, sometimes making you feel as if you are stuck and have nowhere to turn.

FBC Manby Bowdler's Employment Law Team provides advice across a range of employment law related issues to employees and individuals in senior management positions including:

Company Directors

Senior Executives

Senior Managers

Members of professional organisations

Shareholders and members of LLPs

Funding & Fixed Fee Consultations

Funding legal advice on problems at work can often be difficult, particularly if you have recently lost your job or believe your job security may be at risk.

We offer employees the option of a one hour, fixed fee, consultation meeting with our employment specialists, who will discuss your matter with you, provide advice on your employment rights and any options available to you, including any potential employment tribunal claims, the various methods of funding an employment claim and confirm that advice in writing to you.

We understand that being able to fund legal advice on problems at work can often be difficult, particularly if you have recently lost your job or believe your job security may be at risk.

*Unfortunately we are not able to provide advice on any employment matter on a ‘no win no fee’ basis or offer legal aid assistance. If your enquiry relates to a work related accident or injury, find out more at our Accidents at work page

Julia Fitzsimmons

Working With Our Service Team

Our dedicated and pragmatic legal experts are able to advice and support you with all aspects of employment law, ensuring all discussions are protected by legal professional privilege.

- Julia Fitzsimmons

If you have an enquiry in relation to a personal Employment matter or simply want to speak to a member of our expert team, please get in touch.

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Tracey and Alex were very helpful, friend and made me feel at ease, due to my situation. Made sure I understand and explained well. Thank you Tracy.

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