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Our specialist employment advisors can advise you on the full terms and effect of a settlement agreement.

Settlement agreements can be complicated.

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Our specialist employment advisers are experienced in advising and assisting employees in respect of Settlement Agreements, including advising on the circumstances of the termination of your employment and any particular claims which you may be giving up.

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A Settlement Agreement (previously known as a Compromise Agreement) is an agreement with your employer whereby you agree, usually in exchange for a financial settlement, not to bring certain employment claims in respect of your employment.

In order for a Settlement Agreement to be binding, you must be advised in respect of the full terms and effect of the Agreement by an independent legal adviser. Most employers will therefore offer to contribute towards the cost of this advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is advised by ACAS that 10 days is a reasonable period to either accept or decline the settlement agreement.

It is a legal requirement that you receive advice from a Solicitor before signing a settlement agreement. Your employer does not legally have to pay for your solicitors fees.

Once you sign a settlement agreement you are giving up certain contractual and statutory rights to bring a claim against your employer in a court or an employment tribunal. Therefore it is imperative you resolve any outstanding matters such as incurred holiday which are you are owed. Your solicitor will be able to review the agreement for you before you sign to make sure you receive everything you are owed.

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