Financial Claims

It can be hard to navigate financial issues on separation but it is very important for your future that you get it right.

Being married or in a civil partnership means that your finances are almost always inter-linked and inter-dependent. For some people, that might mean one spouse having stayed out of the workplace supported by the other; for others it might be as simple as splitting bills and mortgage payments. Even if you are financially astute it can be very daunting to consider how to untangle your finances after you separate.

Marriage or civil partnership opens claims for lump sums, transfers of property, pension orders and income orders (spousal maintenance). Unless those claims are dismissed by way of a consent order or a final order in court proceedings they remain open even after a divorce. People should not assume that there is no prospect of a claim in the future. There’s no limitation period. Divorced people need to bear this in mind in the event that their circumstances change. For example, in the event that they start a new business or inherit money.

Getting pragmatic, early advice can ultimately help you to save money and sort things out sensibly with a minimum of upset.

We have solicitors who specialise in cases where there are dispute involving complex assets such as companies, trust structures and foreign property. We can also act for family members who are concerned that their assets may be taken into account in divorce proceedings.

If you have an enquiry in relation to a financial asset, speak to a member of our friendly Team for further information and guidance by requesting a call back or making an online enquiry.


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