GP Negligence

There are times where the medical establishments and professionals we rely on, fail to provide the best care or treatment possible. Medical negligence, also referred to as Clinical negligence, can cause illness, further injuries and many other devastating outcomes.

Although we all place trust in most medical establishments and expect to receive the best possible care, some are not so fortunate.There are individuals who have suffered or are suffering due to the negligence of medical professionals. As a result, this breach in duty of care can result in illness, further injuries, other health complications or fatalities.

GP Negligence

Our family doctor is often the first person we contact if we are ill.  The relationship with your doctor is very important and it involves a huge amount of trust.

Your GP’s role is to manage your day to day health.  Your GP will diagnose your condition and will treat you if possible, but if the condition is more serious then you should be referred to a specialist at hospital.

In what ways can GPs be negligent?

Failure to investigate a patient’s symptoms
Failure to refer to a specialist or delaying that referral unreasonably
Failure to act upon test results
Inappropriate prescription of drugs
An incorrect diagnosis

Making a complaint about your GP

You are at liberty to complain about your GP. The GP practice will normally have a normal complaints policy you should follow, often started simply by writing in to the Practice Manager. Alternatively, you can complain about your GP to the Commissioner of the Services, by post to NHS England, P O Box 16738, Redditch B97 9PT and by email to 

If you are complaining about care you received at hospital then you should write to the Complaints Manager of the hospital trust. The trust will publish details of its complaints policy at your request. Often this can be found on the hospital's website.

Most hospitals have a Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS).  It can help you with your complaint or point you in the right direction.

Please be aware that the complaints process is not designed to pay you compensation and you will likely need representation to secure this.

We work on a no win, no fee and a free initial consultation basis providing you the opportunity to discuss your situation and the costs of pursuing a claim without obligation. We can arrange home and hospital visits to suit your requirements. 

Our specialist Personal Injury solicitors are accredited by and members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and the Law Society's Personal Injury Panel. The Firm is also a member of the Action against Medical Accidents group (AVMA) and a panel solicitor member of Headway, the brain injury association.

If you feel your medical establishment has been negligent, our team of specialists lawyers are on hand to achieve the best outcome for you. Call 0800 111 6144 or make an online enquiry.

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