Misdiagnosis Claims

We all place our trust in the hands of healthcare professionals for advice or treatments. However, the reality is that mistakes can be made by GP's, surgeons and other medical practitioners when diagnosing our health conditions.

We rely on our doctors to diagnose an illness and to treat it appropriately and efficiently. However, sometimes there may be delay in making a diagnosis, which can have serious consequences for the patient. Sometimes a patient receives an incorrect diagnosis which can lead to receiving the wrong treatment, resulting in additional injury or a delay getting to the correct treatment.

Often these types of claims relate to cancer diagnosis. These are complex claims, but our dedicated team work with leading medical specialists, who will able to advise you upon the treatment you received, whether you have suffered harm and what future treatment is required.

Serious Misdiagnosis

These are the most extreme cases of misdiagnosis, where the medical practitioner makes fatal errors in their assessment of your medical conditions. Needless to say, the consequences of such errors can be catastrophic and in some cases either receiving no treatment or even the wrong treatment, can be life-threatening.

Partial misdiagnosis

Partial Misdiagnosis can be a little more complicated. Why? in this case, the medical practitioner has delivered the correct overall diagnosis of your medical condition, but has misdiagnosed it's sub-type or severity. 

We work on a no win, no fee and a free initial consultation basis providing you the opportunity to discuss your situation and the costs of pursuing a claim without obligation. We can arrange home and hospital visits to suit your requirements. 

Our specialist Personal Injury solicitors are accredited by and members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and the Law Society's Personal Injury Panel. The Firm is also a member of the Action against Medical Accidents group (AVMA) and a panel solicitor member of Headway, the brain injury association.

If you feel your medical establishment has breached it's duty of care, where harm to you or a loved one was or is avoidable, our team of specialist lawyers are on hand to achieve the best outcome for you. Call 0800 111 6144 or make an online enquiry.

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