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"Impossible to recommend any improvement"

What was the case? 

Our client, Derek Andrew MBE, tasked FBC Manby Bowdler with completing the Probate Grant for the Will of a family member.  

How did we help? 

Andrew Vernon advised on the matter, handling all issues related to the Will and estate so it was possible to quickly proceed to the confirmation of the Grant.

What was the outcome for our client?

“Having obtained Probate at record speed, it is impossible to recommend any improvement.

“In and ever more administrating and complicated world, I was quite astonished at the speed with which our Probate Grant was obtained and equally pleased with the quality of the advice and guidance given by Andrew Vernon.”

“Very happy with how professionally things were handled and the speed in which it was successfully completed, well within the time frame given.”

Please contact Andrew Vernon in our Wills, Probate & Lifetime Planning Department should you have any queries on the above.

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