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Supporting Bloodhound SSC

You might be aware that FBC Manby Bowdler are proud sponsors of the Bloodhound SSC. 

We support this organisation for a number of reasons, mainly to play our part in inspiring a generation and also to keep Wolverhampton's links with land speed records alive.

Bloodhound run plenty of open house educational days from their base in Bristol so my son and I booked our slot during the half term holidays. The three hour session, which included two on the history and science of Bloodhound and one spent building our own rocket car were fantastic. Rob Bennett, Chief Inspirer at Bloodhound did a great job in exciting rocketeers aged 7-70 about the science involved in getting the car to speeds in excess of 1000mph.

It was a fantastic opportunity to see and hear about some of the very best  UK manufacturing, so if you get the chance during the Easter holidays I'd highly recommend you find time to make trip to Bristol and engage with the adventure!


Follow this link to visit the Bloodhound SSC website


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